All Swade jewellery designs are can be manufactured in all the popular precious metals and in white, yellow and rose gold. As Argentium 960 Silver is a relative newcomer, listed are the major benefits of the alloy.

Argentium Britannia grade silver contains 96% pure silver.

Argentium represents the most tarnish resistant silver available today.

Argentium enhances the appearance of silver jewellery. Famous for its natural brightness, high-white colour, and beautiful natural lustre, Argentium silver outshines all other white metals used in today’s precious jewellery.

An ability to be hardened by heating processes increases durability and makes Argentium Britannia more resistant to damage from scratches. It is harder and stronger than traditional Sterling silver, and best of all it is not plated Incorporated into our collections is the brilliant gemstone named Moissanite. (Chemical composition: silicon carbide) is a lab-grown, near-colourless gemstone.

While Moissanite closely resembles a natural diamond, it’s nota diamond, synthetic diamond or brand of diamond. Moissanite is a unique jewel in it's own right. However, many people purchase Moissanite as an affordable diamond alternative.

Swade is your trusted brand for jewellery in Argentium 960 Silver and Moisanite.